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The Ladder Lasso Game

This fun-filled alternative to horseshoes and can hole is a fun game the whole entire family will enjoy.

Pro-Style Cornhole.jpg

Pro-Style Corn Hole Game

Our sturdy, professional corn hole set is a fun game for the whole family.  


Pro-Pitch Challenge.jpg

Pro-Pitch Baseball Game

This fun game is perfect for the baseball lovers at your party or event. Throw your best and strike out the rest.

Pong Challenge.jpg
Football Challenge.jpg
Pro-Chip Challenge.jpg

 Table Pong Game

However you play, this fun game is perfect for any party or event. Pick your age appropriate prizes and play away.

Quarterback Sneak Game

Now you can be the MVP of the event with this fun game. Challenge your guests to a tic-tac-toe match, football style.

Pro-Chip Challenge

Don't forget to yell "FOUR" while playing this fun game. Whether you are challenging your guests or just working on your chip shot, this game will always entertain.

Jumbo Jenga.jpg
Bottle Basher.jpg
Drop Zone.jpg

Jumbo Jenga Game

This is one nerve testing, but fun game for the whole family to play. See how high you can get your tower of toppling timbers.

Bottle Bash Frisbee Game

Test you and your guests' aim in this fun game where you toss a frisbee to knock the bottle (or can) off the stand. It's harder than it looks, believe me.

Drop Zone Plinko Game

This fun game is perfect for the game show lover in everyone. Your guests can earn chances to win it big by dropping a chip through this pegged maze.

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 11.47.05

Tin Pan Alley Game

Give a ball a toss or a roll in this fun game. Land the ball in a colored spot and win your prize. This game is perfect for the school carnival events.

Ring-A Bottle Game

Step right up here and give a try to this carnival classic fun game. Ring any bottle and get that prize. This fun game is perfect for the school carnival events.

Dart Balloon Game

Come on up and come on in, pop one balloon in this fun game and you win. A perfect addition to any school carnival, this one always gets the crowd  a poppin'.

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 8.19.50 PM.png

The Bucket Dumper Game

What better way to beat the heat than with a water filled bucket and a fun game of bean bag toss? Now you can drench your guests and visa versa with this party favorite.


The Hydroblaster Game

Challenge your guests to a race to the finish in this soaking wet fun game. Each player pumps up the water balloon above their opponent's head until it pops.


Water Tag Battle Game

You and your water filled assault force will battle to the finish against the opposing team to see who will reign victorious in this fun game. (8-Players)

Yard Pong.jpg

Axe or Ninja Star Challenge

Do you have what it takes to be a lumberjack or a skilled ninja? Hone in your skills with this safe and family friendly target game at your next event or party!


Tomahawk Challenge

This big, bad, battle axe of a target throwing game will challenge even the best lumberjacks in town! Step up and take a shot at the center of this family friendly version of the axe throwing game!


Yard Pong

Wanna take your pong game skills to the next level?  Why not scale it up a bit with our Yard Pong Game Set! Now you and your opponent(s) can square off in this larger than life pong game.


Raffle Barrel

Do you need a raffle drum for your organization's event?  Having a 50/50 drawing and need the fairest way to manage those entries?  We have the solution right here!

Prize Wheel

Perfect for those family fun games of Wheel of Fortune or for the incentive programs at school, our prize wheels can be customized with a dry erase marker and your imagination!


No matter how you play the game or what the style of win you desire, our bingo set is perfect for family, school, or organizational events. BINGO is it's name-o!

Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 10.54.02

Quoits Challenge

Looking for a different spin on the old classic, horseshoe game? Try Quoits, a rope throwing game where the object is to lasso the peg on the other side.


Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 10.54.38

Frisbee Challenge

Wanna improve your aim and have fun doing it? Our frisbee challenge game will help you hone in on your target!

Delivery times are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.


Daily rentals can be delivered any time from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon Monday through Saturday.


Pick-up times are scheduled for first thing the morning after your event concludes.


All rental items must be in ready-to-rent condition with minimal cleaning by the staff.


Any item returned needing thorough cleaning by our staff will result in a cleaning fee in order to prepare it for the next client.


Any item damaged beyond repair or not returned during pick-up will result in an additional charge up to the replacement value of the item (less the rental fee already paid).


Silly string should not be used near Rental items as it can stain and/or destroy the items.  


Food and liquid of any kind should remain away from rental games at all times, unless the game specifically calls for it's use such as water for the water games.  


Party area should be ready to set up and final payment is due upon arrival (if paying by cash) with no exceptions.  Failure to have the area party ready could result in a later delivery and additional delivery charge.


Package deals are available for clients booking multiple items.  These package deals are subject to change monthly.  For the latest deals, call or send us an email today.


 Don't see what you are looking for, no worries!  We will do our best to get it in stock for you.  To ensure this is possible, you should book as early as possible to give us plenty of time to have the item made in time for your party or event.

Need prizes for games?  We have them!  Our inventory of game prizes changes often, so let us know what you want and we will give you the best deal on our current items.  Plush, toys, jokes, and more!  Small prizes are $.50 each, Medium prizes are $1.00 each and plush can be from $2.00 and up depending on the size you desire.  All prizes are packaged in quantities of 50.

Renting one of our concession items and need supplies?  We have them pre-packaged in servings of 50 for your convenience.

Want help manning your rental games and concessions?  Our friendly staff is ready to serve up the fun!  Of course, there is an added fee per staff member, per hour.  No, that's alright too!  We can train you and your staff how to make the fun happen!  (All bounce houses and attractions require operation by our trained and certified staff members with no exceptions.)

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